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Total Harmony With Nature sells technologically innovative products to help with the customer´s well being, comfort and reduction of stress. We offer complete customer satisfaction and products that remove(delete) energy-related environmental influences (the pathogenic information) neutralizes negative information from low and high-frequency such as Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) or Electromagnetic Radiation(EMR).

 The aim of Memon is to successfully serve humanity with sustainable solutions at the highest level while improving the quality of life for plants, animals and humans.
Memonizers are a unique modular system that provides holistic protection from negative environmental influences in all areas of life. memon® harmonizes water, electromagnetic fields, air, and geopathic disturbance zones in all areas of life.
Our lives are shaped by polarity and resonance.
The memon® environmental technology is based on these fundamental principles, as is the way the memon® Transformers work. By using the principles of nature, such as the natural light spectrum (390 - 780 nm) and environment as the basis for all processes, the really important factors are taken into consideration. After all, the use of physical laws, such as that of destructive interference to delete pathogenic information patterns, is the perfect complement to the unique integrated memon® technology.

“I focused on one question: what can we do to counteract the depletion of our life forces caused by an excess of pathogenic radiation? The idea was as simple as it was brilliant: the pathogenic information needs to be eliminated, or neutralized. Using destructive interference and the understanding of regenerative dextro-polarity.”

Winfried M. Dochow, Developer of memon Technology

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We can no longer imagine our modern society live and work without mobile phones/wireless devices. Being mobile, available at any time and at any place, has its pros and cons. But there’s certainly no advantage to constantly exposing ourselves to high frequency radiation from cell phones, cordless phones, wireless devices.

What is the difference between a mobile phone and a packet of cigarettes?

Prof. Leif-Salford of the University of Lund in Sweden has proven the blood-brain barrier against toxic substances in our body becomes permeable after only a few minutes of using a cell phone, leading to the destruction of nerve cells. Cordless phones are like having your own mobile phone base station in your home: they emit a constant signal in a range around1.8 gigahertz, with a pulse frequency of 100 Hertz. This means that they send out their pulsed high-frequency radiation non-stop, even when no calls are being made.

Test result from local TV station in Germany

Mobile phones don’t come with a health warning!

It is even more dangerous for children and young people to be subjected to this radiation, as their central nervous system is not yet fully developed. There is empirical medical proof to show that radiation from mobile phones plays a part in influencing and triggering the following health disorders:

• Eye irritation, clouding of the eye lenses   • Learning problems, failing memory   • Sleep disturbances, restlessness • Difficulty concentrating

• Genetic damage (DNA strand breakage)   • Damage to cell communication   • Weakened immune system   • Influence on central nervous system

• Impaired hormonal system • Increased risk of suffering from cancer • Opening blood-brain barrier

>Here, too, the Memonizer Mobile works according to the interference principle and eliminates the negative energy effects of the radiation. The biological regulating systems in the organisms remain balanced.

You can make calls relaxed and untroubled. Your head remains uncluttered and clear and the unpleasant attendant symptoms such as feeling of stress and a heavy head are now a thing of the past. The Memonizer MOBILE for any type of wireless and the special designed for the latest smart phones in the market today neutralizes exposure to the harmful effects of radiation, whereby our bodies regulating systems remain in balance.

Our technology is based on: Polarity and Resonance.

ipict®, Information Polarization Interference Chip Technology

Sooner or later we feel the effects of environmental toxins, poor water quality, electro-smog, and various kinds of radiation. Day after day, we feel the stress caused by our high-technology lifestyles and the industrial production of our consumer goods and foods. This greatly jeopardizes our health and the continued existence of a natural environment. The memon® system was developed to counteract the stressful impact of this energy and to preserve and protect the psychological and physical health of people in the long term. Man and his natural environment are more than the sum of chemical compounds; man can be defined, just as all forms of life on the earth, by the energy available to us. Memonizers are a unique modular system that provides holistic protection from negative environmental influences in all areas of life. memon® harmonizes water, electromagnetic fields, air, and geopathic disturbance zones in all areas of life.