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Total Harmony With Nature sells technologically innovative products to help with the customer´s well being, comfort and reduction of stress. We offer complete customer satisfaction and products that remove(delete) energy-related environmental influences such as Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) or Electromagnetic Radiation(EMR). The aim of Memon is to successfully serve humanity with sustainable solutions at the highest level while improving the quality of life for plants, animals and humans.
Memonizers are a unique modular system that provides holistic protection from negative environmental influences in all areas of life. memon® harmonizes water, electromagnetic fields, air, and geopathic disturbance zones in all areas of life.
Our lives are shaped by polarity and resonance.
The memon® environmental technology is based on these fundamental principles, as is the way the memon® Transformers work. By using the principles of nature, such as the natural light spectrum (390 - 780 nm) and environment as the basis for all processes, the really important factors are taken into consideration. After all, the use of physical laws, such as that of destructive interference to delete pathogenic information patterns, is the perfect complement to the unique integrated memon® technology.


1. Restores the natural status of the vibration of the environment to the range
   of the visible light spectrum

All life has been created and developed within the visible light spectrum, known as the rainbow spectrum, that part of the sunlight that get through the filter formed by the atmosphere around the earth.
These energies and polarities found within this bandwidth are support the functioning of all organic systems, as its natural effect corresponds to that of sunlight. The memon® devices will restore the environmental vibrations to their natural state. It is all about environment. When you take a fish out of the water for example, you take it out of its natural environment, with negative consequences for the fish.. We are increasingly surrounded by unnatural frequencies which in effect compromise our immune system. By the same token, being surrounded by simply what exists in the natural world, the more there can exist for the human being a condition of health.. States of disease occur when we are exposed to unnatural conditions.

2. Destructive interference of pathogenic information

Pathogenic information emerge when mankind began to create artificial materials and unnatural waves coming from for example, chemicals, electricity, mobile phones etc. They all contain pathogenic (disease causing) information, not supportive of life on earth. Measurements show that the cell tensions increase and the energy of the body become weaker, when exposed to unnatural or manmade frequencies. Moreover, scientists have seen that when under the influence of unnatural vibrations, the dosage is not important. Very low dosages of unnatural information make us weak. This is contrary perhaps to the understanding applied to something like for example, vitamins, where we need a certain dosage in order for the desired effect will come about. If disease causing information is available, even in very little dosages, the life force or flow of energy s within all life form is weakened or diminished since the polarities produced, negative or left turning, are not compatible with our bodies.
The scientist, Winfried Dochow, traced all possible harmful frequencies and found a way to store counter waves in an information layer which are selectively activated if a harmful vibration occurs in your environment. The memon® Bionic Instruments contain thousands of pathogenic counter waves, producing a “counter” information, a beneficial energy enhancing condition to life. By way of this process, through a holistic approach, body energies are balanced. The problem is thereby tackled at its source.

The memon® transformers can completely delete the damaging information produced on waves from all vibrational fields (static, electromagnetic, electric or pulsed, as well as those found in water) by applying the principle of destructive interference. This means that two waves of the same wavelength, frequency, speed, phase and amplitude meet one another. Furthermore, if these waves are 180º to one another in terms of phase (= the top of one wave meets the bottom of another and vice versa) then the two waves cancel each other out. As such, the memon® solution is never an issue of dosage, so under or over dosage is not possible. The natural environment is restored, nothing more, nothing less.

3. Applications

Memon® transformers use this principle to harmonise the air, the water, radio waves, electro-smog and earth radiation in vehicles, homes, water, cell and wireless phones.. . The existing fields lose their damaging information, thereby relieving stress on the body. This means that the body can recover unimpeded, and a sense of general well-being is improved. Health is stabilised on a long-term basis. memon® gives you new quality of life and more vitality!
The combination of these techniques is named ipict® or Information Polarization Interference Chip Technology. Ipict is an integrated technology which shows the way toward a healthy future, a future that is worth living. The memon® transformers(Memonizers), when used in buildings, will create a field within the whole building, and all pathogenic frequencies which may possibly enter the building, are completely harmonized. The same happens when the Memonizer is installed on a water pipe: all pathogenic information, such as produced by chemicals, heavy metals, hormones.., in the water is harmonized. Hard water deposits, or lime scale won´t damage the pipes and you will be able to drink the most healthy water on earth. When installed in a vehicle, the polarity of the vehicle shifts back to a right turning polarity, where the negative effects of static electrical charge and e-smog in the car are neutralized, improving the air quality in the vehicle; many drivers report a slight reduction in fuel consumption as well as an added benefit.
The memon® solution encompasses not only those harmful frequencies radiating from cell and wireless phone but also harmonizes all pathogenic frequencies radiating from laptops (wireless internet), baby phones, and any other kind of device emitting and or receiving audio/video waves.

4. Why is the memon® technology is so unique? The differences with other solutions.

The inventor, Winfried Dochow, states that all life on earth depends on vibration, resonance and polarity. This basic principle can be applied when neutralizing chemicals in the water, or restoring the natural flow of negative ions in the air, or neutralizing EMF waves from electricity and all wireless applications. It is about restoring the natural frequencies. The solution of the technology is not like any other solution on the market. Most other solutions, albeit not all, use techniques which energize or shield by way of filtering: but we see no direct neutralization or elimination of the harmful frequencies.
Let´s compare other solutions on the market used as protective devices against EMF frequencies. At the start, when speaking of cell and wireless phones, we can eliminate any shielding devices which may be offered as protection since by shielding harmful frequencies the devices would no longer have any reception and therefore would not be able to operate.

5. Energized solutions

Many companies that work in the field of reducing the effects of EMF waves produce products that are mainly based on the principle of energizing. This idea is more therapeutic and more over, the imposed “energization” cannot effectively neutralize the pathogenic frequencies, and once these energizing devices become saturated themselves by the pathogenic frequencies, there is little to no positive effect left. The saturation most often occurs after only several weeks.
When you are low in energy (left of the light spectrum), a solution recovery of your energy, would be to “add high energy” (right of the light spectrum) which would balance the organism faster producing a more balanced energetic picture for the body, that is, more central in the visible light spectral frequencies where we feel more vital and where new cells can be readily produced. It is simply the frequency where life thrives.
An extreme example of this would be where if you had no more heart beat, with an electrical shock, you can get the heart to start again; the application thus is therapeutic. But if applied the same procedure to someone in perfect condition, it could be harmful. Once you are back in balance and you stay in this higher energy frequency, over energizing can become harmful after a certain period. Moreover, this “energizing” does not remove the pathogenic information.
The memon® technology brings the environment back to the range of the visual light spectrum, the spectrum from the sunlight, and not just to one frequency but to the full light spectrum. When walking in the sunlight, you receive the full spectrum of rainbow colours on you, not just one. memon® selectively neutralizes all harmful frequencies and as such, cannot over or under dose. The energetic solutions of most competitors, as they use mono energizing techniques (just one single frequency), give you, as a solution, a high energy. This energy does not neutralize pathogenic frequencies and, moreover, most solutions use an energy that is not natural and as such, falls out of, most often above, the light spectrum. The provided solution will only work for a short time, and as mentioned, when they become saturated or when they are too strong, they can even become harmful themselves.

6. Shielding

Shielding, as mentioned, would effectively disable cell phones by blocking the operating frequencies. Should we actually want to shield as a solution, we would need to ensure that the shielding is 100% effective otherwise its effectiveness is minimized.
As mentioned above, it is not only about dosage; being 95% shielded allows you to still be impacted by 5% of the field and as such impacts the body pathogenically. Again, shielding will not neutralize the pathogenic information; you can only avoid them by not letting them in.
There is a big misconception about this. Homeopathy works on the principle of like curing like: that a very tiny amount of a substance used to heal a pathogenic condition will cause a healing reaction, same information.
 Albert Einstein himself already recognized that in the whole universe, there is only energy and information. If you want to modify something, you need to work on the energetic aspect or change the information.
This is not to be confused with toxicity. Toxicity is always treated relative to dosage. Natural frequencies on high dosages can harm you. For example, if you drink 3 gallons of water in one day, it can become dangerous. The poison of a snake, which is a natural frequency, when received in high doses can be harmful, in low doses it can be used as a medicine.

7. The memon® solution

Pathogenic information is unnatural information which after long term exposure will have an effect on the well being of the body. memon® is a holistic solution that attacks the problem at the source, uninterruptedly and which results in the restoration of the natural frequencies: the unnatural ones are erased and the polarities of the environment are restored to these found in nature. The solution cannot lead to saturation of the devices since they do not produce high energies, unlike most other products on the market. All memon® solutions restore the right-turning, positive polar vibration which is the most supportive for all living organisms on the earth.
All memon solutions have a life span of 20 years and do not require energy input in order to operate. All devices selectively erase the pathogenic frequencies and as such will restore the natural environment, the environment we are designed to live in, where all polarities are life enhancing.
In general, memon® has more than 30 scientific tests available which have been performed on the technology. Tests have been conducted by universities, independent laboratories, therapists and organizations. The last study is that of Professor Borelli, of the University of Salzburg, Austria, who showed that, after installation of the memonizerCOMBI in a home, the stress hormone cortisol was reduced after 3-4 weeks in the 40 test subjects and the beneficial hormone DHEA was more present in the body.