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In Europe, memon® has been very successful and widely used in commercial sectors from the hospitality industry, automobiles, offices, farming, wineries and food industries as well as professionals in each field such as medical doctors, holistic practitioners, chiropractors, dentists, and many others. Most companies are using this technology not only for the harmonization but to create a better air quality inside the workplace (ionization process) and to create a great balance of natural air quality in order to reduce/ or to eliminate the oxidative stress which one of them is created through the presence of strong electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and the field (EMF). The main purpose is to establish a well-balanced work environment that results in a much better well-being, more focused, and to increase the productivity and performance.

Here in the USA, we carry on the same tradition and several commercial sectors have already used and more are looking into the solution of the EMR/EMF problems which most people think it is not a big issue. memon® and us are taking this very serious. Our commercial markets are starting from the residential accommodations, offices and we are working endlessly to reach any sectors in commercial use.

For more information regarding the commercial application of this technology, please feel free to contact us by submitting through our contact form on our website with your best phone number, full name of the person(s) who in charge for this application in the office.
Our representative will reach you back within a-24 hour.

Thank you for your trust and believe that this technology works.