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Total Harmony with Nature has been helping many customers both domestic and international since 2009. Although, many of our customers understand the concept and the memon technology, we feel obligated to deliver the valuable knowledge base about how memonizer® works and what it is actually for us in our daily modern lifestyle.
For those who are not familiar with this technology and its application, before making any purchase, please consult with us first in order to be clear on which products should be purchased. Therefore, we strongly recommend to contact us for a complimentary consultation with no obligation or you can sign up for our news letter which it can be found below the website, 'Stay Connected". We can do one and one or in a group, by email, phone, video chat or webinar. The following questions may be very helpful.

  1. Do you feel the negative effects of electrosmog?
  2. Do you want to improve your quality of life?
  3. Do you want to protect your family, employees, guests or customers comprehensively and effectively from environmental impacts?

If so, the Complimentary Needs Assessment is the perfect thing for you to get started. Simply click "Contact Us".