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The memonizer® Body strengthens and supports outside the memon harmonized environment. The body strengthening and supporting features are integrated in a silicone bracelet as carrier component. This is an ideal and stylish companion for travelling. It is safe at the airport security check. Everywhere you go, your memonizer® Body creates well-being and balanced life.


Medical silicon with informed support material

Stainless steel clasp (1.4509 according to EN 10088-2), nickel-free.

The bracelet consists of two third of medical silicon and one third memon informed support material that is incorporated evenly throughout the silicon band.
Important to know:
The memonizer® BODY operates without magnetic or electronic components.

Available also in different colors, email us for details.

Important Note:

"SMALL" size mainly for children. Some adults may fit but before placing your order, please measure it correctly.
If you are in doubt of the size, either Medium or Small, you can choose Medium and if it is too long, trim/cut the tip a little bit to fit the wrist. This is perfectly fine.

Our advice:

If you are in doubt of the size, always order a larger/step up size and if it is big, trim the tip of it to custom fit the wrist.

Size and weight


Measurement (inch), L x W x H

Weight (oz)


5.5 x 0.8 x 0.2



6.5 x 0.8 x 0.2



7.9 x 0.8 x 0.2


Extra Large

10.2 x 0.8 x 0.2


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Memonizer® Body Replacement band Memonizer® Body Replacement band

List Price: $56.25
Our Price: $51.00
Savings: $5.25
Memonizer® Body Classic Replacement Clasp Memonizer® Body Classic Replacement Clasp

List Price: $61.25
Our Price: $53.00
Savings: $8.25
Memonizer Body, Memonizer Body Sport Memonizer® Body Sport

List Price: $86.25
Our Price: $72.00 Ready to be shipped
Savings: $14.25
memonizer body Memonizer® Body Classic

List Price: $118.75
Our Price: $98.00