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We all have a busy life which oftentimes we forget what the main priority is since all of them seem to be in the same priority list. Because of that, memon® wants you to know, how important it is to have a full protection from the negative EMR/EMR produced by any smartphones today. Moreover, we are transition to go full speed to the 5G network.
Protect your love ones by adding this technology to harmonize the harmful vibrations that mainly attack the brain tissue.
Having a smartphone (mobile plus internet in one) is like having a cellphone tower near us (inches) all the time 24/7.

Memonizer Mobile phone is safe to be used by anyone including pacemaker users.

Having this memonizer Mobile on any smartphone should be the same essential function such as having internet in our lives. This should be no longer a "want" but a need.

Neutralizes negative information from electromagnetic fields. You can make telephone calls that are free from pathogenic information, i.e. illness-causing, subtle information. Available for all smart phones.
5G Ready

Important advice for everyone:
Stay away from any mobile devices for all under age children as much as possible.
Do not carry it on the chest/ or in the pocket for any reason whatsoever.

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