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Electronic mobile devices are now flooded the marketplace worldwide and practically everybody carries one. It is a great technology but how much do we know the impact/side effects produced by the device which can cause a problem against our well-being over a period of time? Scientists can guess but no can determine "when". Isn't great to know you have a 24/7 protection from memon® technology? It has been proved time and time again, the memon® technology is second to none. Here is the latest study posted on Japan Journal of Medicine about the mobile phone harmonizer, read here.
Protect your loved ones and those people you care.
emonizer® Mobile phone is safe to be used by anyone including pacemaker users.

Having this memonizer® Mobile on any smartphone should be the same essential function such as having internet in our lives. This should be no longer a "want" but a need.

Neutralizes negative information from electromagnetic fields. You can make telephone calls that are free from pathogenic information, i.e., illness-causing, subtle information. It can use for all smart phones, non-smart phones and cordless phone at home and office.
5G Ready

Important advice for everyone:
It is a good practice not to allow children underage to use any electronic mobile devices.
Unless it is harmonized, do not carry it on the chest/ or in the pocket for any reason whatsoever.

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Memonizer® EARPHONE Memonizer® EARPHONE

List Price: $123.75
Our Price: $102.00
Savings: $21.75
memonizer® Mobile or phone chip Memonizer® Mobile for any Smart Phones and Laptops

Any smart phones, laptops, tablets, cordless phones, and other electronic portable devices.
Perfect for gift.

List Price: $123.75
Our Price: $102.00
Savings: $21.75