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In today's technological world, we need perspectives that bring us back into harmony with nature. Our way of life is changing rapidly. Our nature is increasingly changing more and more, and we lose our livelihood. We love our modern technology and we are dependent on it. With a recent expansion of the 5G network, people are started to have more concern about its impact to the health issue and over all well-being. It is enough for us to know and to recognize the danger around us. It is time to talk about the solution and how effective it is in handling the issues through the memon® technology.

Welcome to Total Harmony with Nature. We are located in the Northwest of the beautiful Evergreen State, Washington. We are an authorized, independent company who market and sell the phenomenal technology patented by Memon® Bionic Instruments, GmbH, Germany to the marketplaces in the U.S.A, Canada, and Asia since April 2009. This was the year where memon® technology for the first time was brought in through Canada into the USA. We are also expanding our market to Australia, New Zealand, UAE, and we have customers practically around the world including India, UK, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland.

Our goal: helping consumers to transform their healthy life back to the nature and to reach everyone who needs a solution to the problems by providing a quality service, knowledgeable adviser, and quick response to every question both through the phone calls, emails, social media and our website.

Our service: At Total Harmony With Nature we recognize quality of service is our top priority and it is our responsibility. We strive to deliver a personalized service to every customer and to exceed every customer’s expectation. We are committed to continuous improvement in every aspect of our business and throughout all level of our organization by maintaining a clear communication. We have so many “real” happy/satisfied customers around the globe and some of them decided to share their “happiness” by posting their personal testimonials on our website and some are decided to keep it to themselves.

Who we are: We are the U.S. company and not a memon® Bionic Instruments branch. We are an Official Authorized Independent Company that operates, sells, represents, and markets the memon® Bionic Instruments products and technology to the unlimited territories worldwide except French, Switzerland, Austria on the e-commerce platform. Our company is registered in the State of Washington under the name of Total Harmony With Nature.

Products: The products we sell are the latest version and brand new directly from manufacture in its sealed package.

We thank you for giving us an opportunity to know you and to be able to serve you not only for today, but as long as we exist. Your business and support are the pillars and most important is we are glad this technology can overcome the issues exposed by the technologies and now it is available.

Human beings are individuals, unique and no one resembles another. Furthermore, we have differences in perception and feelings. While one already reacts violently another one feels little and a third individual feels nothing at all. The influences affect everybody as shown e.g. in blood counts. To take preventive action is the most important measure for a long-term and permanent quality of life. We constantly receive feedback from users with different experiences in the context of memon® products. Therefore, it is our concern to let you know. "THE EFFECT OF MEMON® TECHNOLOGY IS ALWAYS PERCEPTIBLE, REGARDLESS OF THE SUBJECTIVE PERCEPTION".

memon® Bionic Instruments, GmbH, Germany.

Our Disclaimer:

memon® technology is changing the environment to the “nature-like” environment and therefore, it attracts many attentions from the natural healers, yoga practitioners, doctors and high-tech industries and individuals. Natural healers found this technology is perfect for them to direct it to their patients where according to their own findings, memon® can help to heal the problems to their patients. When we think about nature, we always think about a healthy living and fresh without any effects of EMF/EMR around us. This is totally making sense to the degree where every organism should be able to flourish naturally without having any struggle to grow and reproduce. However, memon® Bionic Instruments and its inventor never make any promises, claims or imply anything related to the health issue where memon® technology can heal the illness/symptom.

Whatever the decision or any statements made and heard out there ARE NOT from memon® Bionic instruments and ARE NOT from Total Harmony With Nature. Whoever the person/doctors, or practitioners who made this promise and statement, will become their own responsibilities and it has nothing to do with memon® Bionic Instruments and Total Harmony With Nature.

This statement will remain the same for as long as the technology is in place until it is changed by the owner of this technology.

Statement from memon® Bionics Instruments GmbH:

Due to legal regulations, we are bound to indicate: the technology presented here (such as homeopathy, bioresonance, aspects of acupuncture) does not agree with the academic viewpoint and doctrine. Impacts and effects of the products are not scientifically recognized. The use of memon® products does not include any kind of therapy and does not replace consultation of physician or alternative practitioner.