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Total Harmony With Nature markets and sells technologically innovative premium products manufactured by memon® Bionics Instruments GmbH, Germany to worldwide consumers.

The memon® transformers (Memonizers) are a unique modular system that ensures holistic protection from negative environmental influences in all areas of life. memon® harmonizes water, electro-smog, vehicles, radio waves, air and geopathic interference.

Benefits of using the memon® technology

Promotes well-being and vitality

... protect against electro-smog

... improve air quality

... increase quality life

Spring water quality

... improve the quality back to natural behavior

... ensure fresh, delicious, soft, natural water, pH values

... reduce lime scale, reduction potential/redox potential ORP

Help lower costs

... neutralize interference

... have been proven for over 20 years

... affordable investment

Healthy lifestyle begins with memon®

... protect and strengthen overall health

... Less sickness, increase better immune system

Seven great reasons of memon® technology:

  1. memon® is holistic. A harmonious environment is generated throughout the living and working space by using the natural principles of polarity and resonance.
  2. memon® has a broad base of experience. A number of tests and studies prove the positive effects and establish the basis of many years of extensive research.
  3. memon® works naturally! No electrical, chemical, or magnetic procedures are necessary, so the negative impact associated with them can be ruled out. memon® uses the range of the natural spectrum of light (sunlight).
  4. memon® has been scientifically proven. More and more scientists are fascinated by memon® technology and are researching its background. So the scientific basis of the technology is being broadened constantly.
  5. memon® protects human cells. Your cells are no longer stressed by the existing electromagnetic fields. memon® environmental technology effectively protects you and your cells from stress caused by electro smog for instance, and offers a new experience of well-being!
  6. memon® considerably reduces civilization-related stress. The memon® transformers create a harmonious atmosphere, free from stressful information radiation.
  7. memon® products are easy to install without affecting existing supply lines.