Shipping/handling and Return policy
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      Shipping, handling and return policy

      Shipping and handling costs will be waived to all direct orders. All our products are shipped with insurance protection within 2-12 business days after the full payment was received.

      If you decided to return the product (s), please contact us immediately by sending an email, stated the specific reason “why you want to return it”.

      Products may be returned within 7 (seven) days from the date of receipt if the following conditions are met:
      For the Memonizer Mobile, Memonizer Wireless, MemonizerFOOD, Memonizer Dog, Memonizer W-LAN, Memonizer Combi, Memonizer Water, Memonizer Pool, Memonizer SUN and Memonizer Mobile for Smart phone must be returned unopened/unbroken seal(s) in its original manufacture package.

      2. For all other transformers/Memonizers must be returned complete with the unmarked original box including its complete contents. The unacceptable condition will not be credited and will be returned back to customer at their own expense. We do not allow to try it/use it since we do not have the trial period. We cannot accept the Memonizer Body after it is being used and touch on the skin. All units shipped are brand new. No refurbished, used or damaged units are sold. From the manufacture to the end users.

      3. All eligible returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee from its online original price, no exceptions. For example: the price paid was a special deal (discounted price) and it is returned, we will calculate the 20% from the full online price or the original price shown on the invoice before the discount. Shipping charges will not be refunded. Return costs are buyer’s responsibility. Buyer is responsible for ALL Risks of loss and damage to product (s) that being shipped for return. Fully insured return shipment is strongly recommended incase of loss or damage. The eligible refund may take up to four weeks. After purchasing the products online or through our invoice and you change your mind to cancel it, a full refund will be granted if we receive the cancellation notice directly from you within 24 hours. This communication must be in writing via email to our: No phone call is accepted on this case.

      4. No return is accepted to all CUSTOM BUILT MEMONIZERS. No return is accepted for ALL orders outside of the USA.

      5. No return is accepted for all the Bundle Deals OR Special negotiated deals. No exceptions. 

      6. No return is accepted for all overseas buyers, the sale is final. 

      7. All Memonizers have been tested by the manufacture and they are ready to use. For damaged Memonizer(s), due to rough handling or accidently dropped to the floor/ground will be shipped back to memon® Bionic Instruments in Germany for inspection and/or repair and any expenses related to these, must be paid by the customer. If the Memonizer cannot be repaired (total damage), the refund cannot be granted.

      8. Incase, you may think or based on your observation the product has a defect on the physical body/surface such as: scratches, little dent on the aluminum cover, or small mark(s) that you may not satisfy, please send us an email with the picture first and we are more than happy to exchange the same exact product(s) but must be reported within 7 days after the product was received. After 7 days passed by, we will not honor the exchange. We cannot honor your personal opinion based on your personal observation. Neither of us is qualified to determine its condition whether or not the product was a refurbished, or someone was trying to put together, etc, until we both receive a written confirmation from the manufacture. We will check all the products to the best of our ability before shipping out to you, except for the products have manufacture seals on it.

      I. Direct Order and Payment: Mail your payment directly and make it payable to:

      Total Harmony With Nature
      18820 Meridian East # 6,
      Puyallup, WA 98375

      Note: Commercial bank "cashier checks" are accepted. No money order and personal check are accepted.

      CREDIT/Short term loan:
      We do not offer credit or any installment payments at this time. However, Paypal Credit is available from Paypal up to 6 months same as cash for any purchase above $99. You have option on this credit at the check out page. A one time arrangement for the large amount can be arranged with your credit card.

      II. If the prices of Memonizer products are not available on line; they are under the direct order. Please submit your request by contacting us.

      *All Memonizers: Memonizer Combi, Memonizer Water and Flatwater, Memonizer Pool, Memonizer Heating, Custom built.


      (^) Order must be paid in full before it is shipped.

      (*) If you are not sure which Combi is fit for your house, we need the detailed breakdowns of usage/capacity before making a purchase. Please refer it back to our site and email us the complete data. In order to obtain this Kwh usage data, contact your utility provider in your area and have them send it in PDF format and forward it to us (12 months average Kwh).

      Warranty: Warranty is 12 months and ONLY for the workmanship (defect) of the product purchased.